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Do you want to deliver text messages to end users on their smartphones but don’t have an SMS server? Use InfoBurst email delivery destination to deliver text messages.

We’ve had a few inquiries over the years about InfoBurst support for SMS (text) deliveries. One user wanted to deliver burst status email notifications as text. The other actually wanted to deliver WebI report content (simplified for text). In both cases (and in most cases) organizations don’t have the SMS relay server required to deliver text messages to mobile users.

However, if you know the user’s mobile number and carrier, it is possible to deliver to text via email. Most mobile numbers have a corresponding email-to-text email address (example: Messages to this email address are translated to a text message. Using the email-to-text address, it is possible to deliver messages and content from InfoBurst to SMS.

Here’s a list of mobile carriers and their email-to-text addresses:

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