The image above is of a Desert Marigold, a native flower here in the?Sonoran Desert. The one pictured is growing in my yard. It started with just one plant several years ago. Fortunately marigolds?flower quickly. Otherwise we would have pulled it like a weed. This year there are hundreds of them! None of them planted by us. ?We didn’t plant the first one and we didn’t have to water it. ?The marigold found it’s way organically to our yard?and there it has flourished.?We love them and expect (and hope) they will start spreading to other yards in the neighborhood

I’ve had the pleasure working with the InfoBurst Platform for nearly ten years now. ?And, if I had to choose a word that encapsulates my experience with this ever evolving platform, it would be: Possibilities. InfoBurst is a BI solution that has grown organically over the years, inspired by the needs and creativity of its users. We never know what to expect next for InfoBurst, but we know it will be exciting.

I’ve had the honor to watch our InfoBurst community grow. ?We have a private?LinkedIn InfoBurst User Group, and this year will mark the third annual InfoBurst Experience?co-hosted with?the InfoSol Business Intelligence Conference (IBIS). It is a 3-day gathering of InfoBursters, talking all things iB. Users continue to influence and inspire the direction of the InfoBurst. And now, the InfoBurst Community has a home. This InfoBurst Blog (ib.infosol.com)?is the place?to share ideas and socialize with other members of the community. All of you are invited to contribute because we know you all have compelling stories to tell.

With a strong community, the possibilities are endless!

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