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Build 129 Release Date

The GR (general release) of build 129 is set for January 18, 2016. The RC (release candidate) for build 129 will be available in late December for anyone interested in previewing and testing the new build. Please visit?http://wiki.infosol.com/infoburst/index.php?title=Software_Updates for more information about participating in our Release Candidate program.

InfoBurst @ IBIS 2015

This was the third year of the InfoBurst Experience at IBIS. It was the biggest gathering yet of InfoBurst users. We shared three days of seminars, user case studies and round table discussions. The InfoBurst team received tons of great feedback and learned so much about the valuable solutions our users develop using the InfoBurst…

Deliver Text Messages with InfoBurst

Do you want to deliver text messages to end users on their smartphones but don’t have an SMS server? Use InfoBurst email delivery destination to deliver text messages. We’ve had a few inquiries over the years about InfoBurst support for SMS (text) deliveries. One user wanted to deliver burst status email notifications as text. The…