Do you use Tableau?

InfoBurst Tab offers customizable scheduling, publishing and distribution options for your Tableau content. Get more value out of Tableau today!

Do you use BOBJ & Tableau?

We are bridging the gap between BusinessObjects and Tableau. Learn more about how InfoBurst Tab can address your needs by combining the powers of BusinessObjects and Tableau.

Why InfoBurst Tab?

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Business Intelligence is about timing- getting the right information to the right destination in the right format at the right time. That’s why InfoBurst is used by thousands of users around the world and it is now available for Tableau.

Tableau Users:

  • Dynamically refresh Tableau Hyper extracts and Workbooks on Tableau Server, Online and Desktop
  • Automate and Schedule the refresh and delivery of hyper extracts based on database and event triggers, ETL schedules and file based events
  • Schedule, Burst and Publish Snapshots from Tableau Workbooks in PDF, PNG image and CSV formats

….and more!

BOBJ & Tableau Users:

  • Automatically Schedule, Burst and Push BusinessObjects Universe and Webi content into Tableau Data Extracts and Hyper
  • Dynamically refresh Tableau Hyper Extracts and Workbooks with BOBJ content on Tableau Server, Online and Desktop
  • Access BOBJ Universe directly from Tableau Desktop

…and more!

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How Much Can InfoBurst Tab Save You?

The InfoBurst Cost Justification Dashboard provides users with a dynamic tool for estimating the return on investment that can be expected when implementing InfoBurst at their organization.  This dashboard allows users to enter dashboard and report metrics to calculate the cost savings in time and dollars.  Once customized, the dashboard can be rendered in PDF format for printing, emailing, or use in a presentation.

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