What’s coming in build 128

*Update: This hangout was postposed due to some issues on the internet. We will be hanging out this week instead. See you all there!*

We’ve been working hard on improving the InfoBurst user interface (UI)?for build 128.? We’re so?excited about what we have in the pipe that we decided to show you a little early some of the enhancements we already have done in our next InfoBurst Hangout.

We’ve done a redesign on the multicolumn list UI.? This next one will require less clicks to modify the multicolumn list, and make it easier to input data.?We also hope to add in the ability to sort columns and keep the data sorted as you add in new values! Also we’ve done some enhancements to our object filtering used throughout the user interface as well as some neat new quick toggle options for all documents in a burst. And the last enhancement that we want to show you is to both the database connection and XDC UIs. Values that are used to test both database queries and cache queries will be retained while you are working on them.? This means you’ll be able to tweak your queries and not have to retype in your test values for your parameters!

So join us, this coming Friday the 12th at 11:00 am to 12:00 pm.? Just head over to the Google Plus Event and add yourself to the guest list.? See ya then!

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Chris Martin

Chris Martin

Chris Martin is a Senior Software Engineer for InfoSol. Chris initially joined InfoSol in a part-time network support role, while attending DeVry University. After obtaining a BS in Computer Information Systems, Chris aided in managing the challenging, complex network environment of InfoSol. Given his passion for software development, Chris joined the InfoSol development team. After developing for InfoSol for 8 years, he has now become a key player in development activities for InfoBurst Enterprise as well as various research and development projects with HTML5.

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