InfoBurst Runtime, The Running of the Bursts

**Updated w/ video**

On Friday April 17th, join us for the third InfoBurst hangout. I’m Greg, and I’ve worked on the InfoBurst team for over 6 years, doing both support of IBE and development of the main platform.

In Friday’s session, we’ll kick off with a discussion on the InfoBurst Runtime – the part of the product that actually runs your bursts. This critical piece of infrastructure allows customer’s to run 24/7 and process tens of thousands of documents per hour, at sites around the world.

Having a deeper understanding of the Runtime can help administrators improve performance and throughput, better allocate resources, and manage failures.

There have also been recent changes to the architecture, that have already improved performance at?high volume sites. We’ll discuss these and other techniques to help push more work through your system.

Click here to register, and you’ll receive a?link and calendar entry for the hangout on?Friday the 17th at 11:00 am MST.

Hope to see you there!

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Greg Berns

Greg Berns

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