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Going Mobile with XDC and the new iB Mobile for iOS

InfoBurst build 128 brings some exciting new features that enable you to use Dashboards and Apps that are based on the InfoBurst Data Cache on your iPhone or iPad Offline!

“iB Mobile” is the new iOS client that replaces the “InfoBurst Apps” iPad client and supports both Connected and Offline modes.

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Before build 128, the only way to get a Dashboard “offline” was to use the Bursting feature within InfoBurst and restrict the Dashboard itself to only using the Cache Connector (no Cache Queries!) and the resulting deliverable was a .swf file sent as an email attachment.

This option is still supported and is suitable?for scenarios where the amount of data is very small and the recipient can open the .swf (desktop not mobile).

Now with the new iB Mobile and build 128, you can design far more complex Dashboards that use the power of Cache Query and take them offline onto your iOS device.

For Dashboards (Xcelsius) you will need to choose mobile compatible components as we will be using the HTML5 version and the best way to handle this is to use dCode to extract and publish the Dashboard to an InfoBurst app.

Cache Query has always been a great solution to the problem where the Dashboard needs to call on a larger data set for drill down and the good news is that iB Mobile not only supports large data caches (100k rows+) but also supports Dashboards that use multiple caches.

Once a Dashboard has been taken offline, it will function 100% without any calls to the IBE Server (even in Airplane Mode) but if a connection is present when the Dashboard is loaded, iB Mobile will check if either the Dashboard or Data Cache has been updated and will automatically update to the latest version.

Performance of the offline Dashboard is in most cases faster than when connected as there are no more round trips to the IBE Server to run each Cache Query.

The app supports multiple Server connections (for connecting to Test and Prod) and also an annotation option where you can use colored brushes to draw attention to areas on the screen and then share the result via email.

iB Mobile for iOS is available now on the App Store. On your device search for InfoSol to quickly find the app.

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John Wilcox

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