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What Is AnuBIs?

AnuBIs is an HTML 5 dashboard design tool. Design stunning dashboards that can be deployed on tablets, smart phones and desktop PCs.

Dashboards are easy to build using the AnuBIs drag-and-drop interface. Design dashboards on a tablet or desktop PC. AnuBIs dashboards are highly customizable. Style your dashboards to fit any requirement.

AnuBIs dashboards are fast. The HTML 5 web applications produced by AnuBIs are optimized for mobile devices. AnuBIs uses the power of the InfoBurst XDC (XML Data Cache) to efficiently and intelligently manage large volumes of data from a variety of sources.

Get Involved

AnuBIs is now available to all InfoBurst users as a preview in build 127 of the InfoBurst Platform. Simply update your InfoBurst test/dev environment to get instant access to the designer. AnuBIs can be found at the following URL:


To get you started with the preview, answer your questions and teach you how to use AnuBIs, the InfoBurst team will work with you one-on-one via webcast. Please contact us here to schedule your AnuBIs preview webcast.

Tell Us What You Think

AnuBIs, like the InfoBurst Platform, was inspired by our users. We are eager for InfoBurst users to participate in the preview and share with us your ideas for AnuBIs. Please share your ideas for the AnuBIs designer at our Uservoice page.

AnuBIS is in a preview phase which means you may encounter the occasional bug. Please report any bugs you find via support ticket and we will get them fixed up ASAP.


AnuBIs was featured in our first InfoBurst Hangout. Check out the video which includes a demonstration of AnuBIs and discussion of the preview.

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