AnuBIs – Offline Mobile Dashboards – Postponed

**This hangout has been postponed. We will get you a new date for this topic as soon as we have it.”

During InfoBurst Hangout #5, I will take you step-by-step through the process of creating an HTML5 dashboard using AnuBIs. I will show you how to efficiently manage data using the lighting-fast InfoBurst Data Cache (IDC). Then I will design a dashboard to visualize that data with the easy-to-use AnuBIs designer.

InfoBurst Platform developer John Wilcox will then show us how to consume an AnuBIs dashboard on a mobile device and, more importantly, take the dashboard and its data OFFLINE! Yes, we’re excited about that last part.

To be re-scheduled.

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Bryan Baca

Bryan Baca

I am the proud papa of Maggie and Carter, lover of sushi, fan of Peter Gabriel, and longtime InfoBurst aficionado. Want to get me talking? Ask me about any of them.

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